How to take Souvenaid®

How to take Souvenaid®?

One bottle of Souvenaid® (125ml) should be consumed daily or as directed by your healthcare professional. Can be consumed with or without food.

When should I take Souvenaid®?

Try to consume it at the same time everyday. Souvenaid® should not be frozen or heated.


What if I miss my serving of Souvenaid® today?

One bottle of Souvenaid® should be consumed daily. If one serving is missed, please resume the next day. Do not double the intake i.e. consume 2 bottles in one day.

How to store Souvenaid®?

  • Once opened, Souvenaid® must be consumed immediately or refrigerated
  • Discard unused contents after 24 hours
  • We recommend drinking an entire bottle of Souvenaid® at once to ensure that the correct amount is taken each day.
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